Always celebrating each other and always helping out regardless of your job title. We are all important and this company makes sure if that.

This company is small but very mighty. It’s the best company I have worked for, and I’m glad that I can be part of such an amazing team. What makes it special is that it is in such a tight knit community where everyone cares about one another. I’m glad that I get to say that I work at Rose Lane Home in Loup City, NE!

It is a very happy and positive atmosphere, and the staff and coworkers are very willing to help if you need help.

This workplace has a lot of potlucks and opportunities for staff to get together. They are always looking for opportunities to recognize staff.

At Rose Lane we are a Family! We love and care for one another and that shows. We genuinely look out for our residents and coworkers.

We are all very friendly and welcoming to every person who steps into our building.

People are friendly and make you feel relaxed and no stress. Love working here!!!!

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